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On this page you'll see infamous pictures and little-known factoids
on our fabulous employees as well as a brief biography
on each and every one!

Mike Acosta -- years with Viera Pizza, "since the beginning in October of 2004!"

Famous words from Mike: "I made the first pizza and will make the last since I plan to live forever." (Really, Mike? Is your secret to longevity in the dough??)
Nicknames: Boss, Mr. Delicious
Education: Bachelor's in Business Admin from UCF. Certified Professional FoodService Manager since 1995. Nationally Certified Sanitarian (1999).
Pizza Background: Christy's Pizzeria / Co-Owner. -Sbarro Pizza/ General Manager. -Viera Pizza / King of Pizza and Operating Partner.
Fun facts: Actually started my financial empire with an amusement company (Mastermind Amusements), buying and selling, refurbishing arcade games at the age of 12. -Runs with Team Viera Pizza and also Team Black Sheep and is an aspiring marathoner.
Mike's Marathon Update: Mike ran his first marathon at the Space Coast Marathon on 11/2/7/11. He received a 3rd place finish among Space Coast Runners in the mens division for his awesome effort! Great Job Mike!!

Since this original posting, Mike has completed two additional full marathons, a handful of half marathons AND his latest achievement, the 2013 Memorial Day Weekend Wickham Park Ultra marathon, 50-miler.

Nicole Fry -- years with Viera Pizza, 8!!

Nicknames: Princess, ikki, turtle
Rock High Grad 2003:)) - Certified Professional FoodService Manager since 2003.
Pizza Background:
"I love to eat pizza - any size, any flavor! Wonderful at making pizzas in any size and any flavor... JUST LOVE PIZZA!"
Domino's Assistant Manager and Papa John's Assistant Manager. Debuted and retired from roller derby same night. Was shunned from Bizarro's for being a female pizza maker. (Really?... Hmm.)
Fun Facts:
I won't drink McDonald's tea out of a plastic cup. I love turtles - basically anything to do with them! The most important thing ever is my Nephew!

Dan  -- Years with Viera Pizza, 6

Nicknames: Danny 8 pack, Danny no-hands (can you see his hands in this photo??... NO! Right.)
Eau Gallie High, BCC
Pizza Background:
"I've been eating pizza all my life!"
Fun Fact:
Enjoys everything 80's from Hair Metal to Camaro's. - Is known for having the best 8-pack at V.P.

Davy  -- Years with Viera Pizza, 3+

Nicknames: Davy, Lil All American Davy, Honey Badger, Lil Honey Badger, Lil All American Honey Badger, Davy 2.0, Up-N-Comin
High School Diploma
Pizza Background:
Certified Professional FoodService Manager since 2006. Made bagel pizzas at home...
Fun Fact:
"My favorite words are "cakes" and "thangs" at work.

Emily -- Years with Viera Pizza, more than a few months

Nicknames: E-Dawg, E-Harmony, Duggernaut
High School
Pizza Background:
Domino's, Delivery Specialist
Fun Fact:
Likes going to Karaoke with friends (we'll look for you, Emily!) - Jokes around alot and likes to be a clown! Was formerly a Wing House Girl.
Question, Emily:
Are those WH outfits really retired High School uniforms?? Just curious.


James -- Years with Viera Pizza, 1+
Nickname: The Kruppanator, Speedy, Jamie
Education: Actually went to school with Matt, at the School of Hard Knocks
Pizza Background:
Has worked in various Italian Kitchens throughout his career, but only really enjoys working in the VP kitchen with the team.
Fun Fact:
James is the only one to rival Danny's 8pack. James is currently the fastest member of Team Viera Pizza's running team. James is also an aspiring marathoner and potentially an Ultra Man!

Jeff: Years with Viera Pizza, 6 months

Nicknames: Jeff The Jeffries, "Tall, light & handsome"
Fun Fact (and BTW, this is a good fun fact... weird, but good):
1st to volunteer to be maced in police academy.
Plus (and not to be lessened in importance because it's listed second),
"I love giraffes. They give free wishes if you rub their tail?" Also, has an addiction to check soda...

John: Years with Viera Pizza, ??

Nicknames: JP, Mr. Beachbody, Johnny 300, Johnny Blackberry, PBJ ( Pretty Boy John)
Education: AA from B.C.C., still working on B.A. from UCF
Pizza Background: Christy's Pizza- Sandwich Specialist   Sbarro Pizza-Assistant Manager  VieraPizza-Catering Expert, Project Manager
Years with VP:  4 years
Fun Fact: John has a matching birthmark with Mike, signifying that they are brothers. John lost 60lbs. running with Team VP, and with his BeachBody regimen, ask him about it!
John was also a DJ, going by the names DJ Hooter and DJ Mid-afternoon. Google it!

Kevin -- Years with Viera Pizza, 5!

Nicknames: KP, P, P Wizzle, K Pretzel, Kevina, Kevino Bear, Junior, Golden Boy, Kevy Wevy, Hev K, Dim Sum (whoa... that's a lot!)
Merritt Island High School
Pizza Background:
Started at Sbarros in the MI Mall at 16. Came to Viera Pizza shortly after that. This is when my life really began...
Fun Fact:
I am trying to start a maple syrup conglomerate. Pacquiao is the Greatest!

Kristin  -- Years with Viera Pizza, 3!

Nicknames: Swizz, K2, Swizzer Doodle, Swizzton, Swizzle, Swizztopher (can y'all see a theme going here???)
BCC, Edgewood Jr/Sr. High - AP Scholar! Still aspiring to be a teacher and am a math major.
Pizza Background:
Viera Pizza is my first, my last and my EVERYTHING!
Fun Fact:
Huge UK Fan. Locally known for being the only woman brave enough to wear heels to the county fair.

Kristin -- Years with Viera Pizza, a couple of years on and off!

Nickname: Boo
Rock High and BCC
Pizza Background:
Viera Pizza... What else is there?
Fun Fact:
Has a pet bulldog named Audrey but was originally named "Miss Lady Fenway" after her favorite baseball stadium.

Matt -- Years with Viera Pizza, 7!

Nicknames: Matty ICE, Nixon, Chaunz, McDouglas

Education: School of Hard Knocks. Certified Professional FoodService Manager since 2010
Pizza Background:
1 yr at pizza hut as a professional Pizza Artiste!
Fun Facts:
Supports live local music. -runs with Team Viera Pizza and is an aspiring marathoner... -Thinks you can't win a marathon without putting bandaids on your nipples! TMI, Matt. (please read special info for Mike above and, like Mike, please give a shout out to Matt if you see him on River Rd on 11/27.) -I'm Batman! -Loves to dress up in costume. (Alrighty then.)
BIG NEWS: Matt will be making his marathon debut at the 2012 Melbourne Music and Beaches Marathon!!

Randi -- Years with Viera Pizza, 4 on and off!

Nicknames: Randall
Home School
Viera Pizza and "nothing else matters" but I also worked at Domino's in the past...
Fun Fact:
I LOVE JOHN DEERE. I Have the cutest, BESTEST son ever!

Robert -- Years with Viera Pizza, "a couple of months"

Nicknames: DVR
Merritt Island High
Pizza Background:
Viera Pizza!
Fun Fact:
Co-owns TopLine Appliance and works Viera Pizza just for fun because IT IS SO FUN! Now he's on two winning teams in two different industries! Who could ask for more?? Not Robert!

Shane -- Years with Viera Pizza, 3+ years!! Go, Shane!!!

Nicknames: Sugar, Sugar Rose, Paco Suge
Still learning...
Pizza Background:
Viera Pizza... That's it!
Fun Fact:
Enjoy long walks on the beach and puppies

Tony -- Years with VP, Current

Nicknames: Azn Tony
Education: MIHS alum and Covert Military training, which we cannot talk about. Tony is currently active duty in the US Marine Corp.
Pizza Background: Another Sbarro guy, Tony served as Assistant Manager at the Merritt Island store, then came over to help Mike open up VP. He still assists in special events and catering.
Fun Fact:
Tony is the busiest and most motivated person out of this gruop. He co-owns the Vietnamese Restaurant "Wabi Sabi" in Merritt Island, is active duty in the Marines, helps out at VP, trains with Team VP, is a competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter, and just had his first baby boy! We thought our plates were full. Tony is on his 6th plate at the buffet! lol